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Welcome to Select Security Systems

Select Security Systems specializes in custom designed residential and commercial security systems. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we offer the latest in product technologies and a technical staff with extensive product knowledge, certification, and training.

Select Security performs maintenance and system function checks from our own central station. We are not a third-party central monitoring station – our clients can call us directly and experience faster response times than typically experienced with other traditional alarm companies.

Learn more about how to protect your family, your personal assets, and your business:

  • Elderly emergency response systems – Console with digital communicator, wireless wristbands, pendant transmitters, audio communications
  • Residential systems – custom home security, fire protection, closed circuit TV
  • Commercial systems – integrated master control of fire protection, security, access control, closed circuit TV, lighting, gates, and more


You can depend on us to provide state-of-the-art equipment, extensively trained operators and hands-on management. I guarantee you that! We would like to earn your business, so please call us anytime for any reason at 1-888-854-2288. Remember, when it comes to Select Security Sytems monitoring your accounts, "Expect to be impressed."
Michael Caldwell, President

Call and schedule an appointment today! 505-296-0500

Select Security installs UL-approved products
Select Security uses the
latest technologies to protect your home, business, or family.

Protect your home Protect your home

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Protect your loved ones with an emergency response system Protect your loved ones with an emergency response system


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